Who am I


My Name is  Brianán, I'm a Scalp & Hair loss consultant.

Certified with over 10 years working in the business. Having owned & run my Business from Killester, Dublin 3, for the last 4 years,  I decided its time to bring a much needed service to Co. Meath, my  local community

Hair loss can affect anyone at any age. Early intervention is key,   treating conditions of the scalp can prevent or slow down hair loss progression. 

Don't hide away, take the first step & make an appointment by clicking the link below or call me on  086-8545483 

A Supplier of Hair systems, Wigs & Toppers

I offer a wide range of high-quality human hair systems, including custom-made and off-the-shelf options. I also sell wigs, toppers and turbans.                 

Home service available on special request

Hair Services

Supplying  hair systems, wigs, toppers, fillers, turbans, & hair & Scalp maintenance products 

Bonded systems are the next best thing to growing your own hair.  This painless procedure is bonded and cut to blend in with your own hair, & you wouldn't even know you are wearing it.   Feels & Looks so natural .

You can swim, shower, play sport and do anything you would have done before hair loss, and it doesn't budge.  

Selection of wigs & toppers in stock to try on, you get the feel the quality of your perfect piece.

Products specific for scalp & hair maintenance, hair system maintenance are also available 

You may discuss all your options with me at anytime

Scalp Clinic            

Your first step will be a  consultation.  During the process of gathering information regarding your condition, medical background, and worries, I will conduct a thorough evaluation and examination of your specific requirements.  Drawing from this evaluation, I will create a customised treatment regimen specifically for you.

This regimen will integrate state-of-the-art products that have demonstrated high efficacy in addressing diverse scalp health concerns. along with  advise on nutrition and aftercare  

Specialising  in treating the scalp, restoring and beautifying the hair shaft, providing it with nutrition and hydration. 

Providing Home care treatments plans.  with a tailored plan for your specific condition, you can  see the results in a matter of weeks.

What I do

Providing an Essential service to the community. 
Hair loss is a very sensitive issue. untreated scalp conditions can lead to hair loss.   Did you know  there is funding towards Hair systems or Wigs?  I can help you with that.
Welfare Partners

If you have the required number of PRSI contributions, I can process your application for €500 grant towards the cost of your  hair system or wig.  

HSE Medical Card 

On your behalf I will process applications via  Medical Card scheme, towards the cost of your hair system or wig. Grants of up to  €700 are available depending on your residential area

Online Shop

Hair  & System Home Maintenance product essentials are available in  online store.   click the SHOP link  to purchase

Oncology Aesthetics

Certified and trained in providing services specifically suited to cancer patients 

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